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January 27, 2023

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Amoria (アモリア) is a magical girl VTuber associated with V&U's 2nd Generation "Solstice" alongside Amano Serafi. With a mission to save others in the name of love, Amoria's streams are filled with energizing and love-filled content. She works at MAHO PMC, a magical company dealing with various villains. Amoria debuted on her YouTube channel in March 2023 and quickly gained popularity, reaching 10,000 subscribers within months. Her loyal fanbase, known as "Amorons," supports her endeavors. Amoria's adorable companion, Lulu, a little pink unicorn, adds to her charm. Besides her magical abilities, Amoria is multilingual, speaking English and a little Korean. She possesses a small horse tail and wields a versatile magic wand that doubles as a light stick or a pen. Her interests include singing, dancing, voice acting, baking, and batting bad guys, while she dislikes frogs, heat, heights, moths, coffee, and bitter food. Amoria's enchanting presence shines as she represents the light in Solstice, captivating her audience with her love and passion for her work.