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January 27, 2023

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Amano Serafi is a misfit angel who descended from heaven with a rebellious spirit. Known for her stubbornness and lack of filter, Serafi can be quite outspoken, although she maintains a surprisingly kind demeanor. She made her debut on YouTube in March 2023 and quickly gained popularity, amassing 10,000 subscribers within a month. Serafi's fanbase, affectionately called "Sinners," adores her energetic and playful personality, as well as her love for video games, anime, and singing. Armed with her spiked baseball bat named "Evangeline," this lazy angel is determined to punish sinners while embracing the darker side of herself as a member of Solstice. Besides English, Serafi also has knowledge of Latin and Japanese. You can find her on her YouTube channel, Twitter, TikTok, and Marshmallow accounts, with live updates and fan art using the hashtags #serafionline and #serafineart.