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December 27, 2019

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Amane Kanata, a female Japanese VTuber, is a member of Hololive's fourth generation of VTubers. With her angelic demeanor and sweet personality, Kanata is known for her polite and friendly nature. While slightly reserved compared to her fellow Hololive members, she possesses a playful and "sadistic" streak, often teasing her audience and playing pranks on her colleagues. Despite her angelic image, Kanata has a pure-hearted and somewhat naive nature, leading her fans to affectionately worry about her getting "corrupted," especially since she shares a house with her best friend Kiryu Coco. Kanata's talent shines through her impressive vocal range and extensive knowledge, earning her the reputation as one of the most "pure" girls in Hololive. She greets her viewers with "KonKanataaan!" and can be recognized by her Heaven Academy school uniform, complete with a metallic halo over her head and feathered wings.