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July 3, 2019

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Amamiya Kokoro, a female Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji, is a shrine maiden who can communicate with dragons. After venturing out into society, she made her debut as a Liver, forming the trio known as "Posanke" alongside Eli Conifer and Ratna Petit. Since her YouTube debut in August 2019, Kokoro has gained a dedicated following, reaching milestones such as 550,000 subscribers and releasing various costume debuts. Known for her ability to imitate fellow Nijisanji member Ars Almal, Kokoro has formed connections with different groups like "Ji no ni," "Allexceed Familia," and "Sweet Moon Nari!" Through her captivating performances and engaging content, Kokoro has established herself as a prominent figure in the virtual influencer and VTuber community.