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February 22, 2021

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Akuma Nihmune is an independent English VTuber who made her official debut on November 19, 2021. As a partnered Twitch streamer, she captivates her audience not only on Twitch but also on YouTube and TikTok. Akuma Nihmune is not only a talented content creator but also a musician, having released two EPs in 2021 and three full albums in 2022. She portrays herself as a half-demon, half-human girl who was expelled from hell for being "too soft." Akuma spends her time interacting with her loyal fans, called Noombas, in alleys and arcades. Despite her intimidating persona, Akuma is incredibly kind, exudes positive vibes, and frequently engages with her chat. Her streams cover various topics, reflecting her ADHD, and she excels in the "Just Chatting" and "Music" categories on Twitch. With an impressive following of 213,000 on Twitch, 241,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 151,200 followers on Twitter, Akuma Nihmune has become a beloved figure in the world of virtual influencers and VTubers.