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February 6, 2018

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Akai Haato is a female Japanese VTuber and member of Hololive's first generation of VTubers. Known for her chaotic alter-ego, Haachama, the connection between Akai Haato and Haachama has been the subject of elaborate lore development. Haato exhibits a classic tsundere personality, teasing her fans and occasionally getting flustered. While she may appear calm in her streams, Haato's gameplay skills often lead to humorous failures. Infamous for her ear-splitting screams, fans refer to them as "Haato's blessings." However, the introduction of Haachama brought about a radical change in Haato's behavior, with the two personas becoming distinct entities. Haachama embraces a childish and sometimes unsettling personality, engaging in bizarre and creepy antics. Despite their stark differences, both Haato and Haachama share common traits, such as using lewd art as video thumbnails and showcasing questionable cooking skills.