oday, I met Mia! Mia is a SoCal girl who loves her family, her beach, and her friends. She is a talented artist, an excellent baker, and a proud pet owner. Mia works part-time at In-N-Out burger and is currently saving up for a new car. She loves to share about fashion, friendship, and her own life adventures on social media.

On top of it all, Mia is a virtual influencer, and I am excited to host her first-ever public interview. Let’s dive in!

Hi Mia—thanks for taking this interview! What inspired you to join Instagram? 

Great to be here. I am muy nervous to be interviewed... *laughs* I actually only recently joined Instagram... mostly because I was the last 17 year old in California to get a smartphone. It’s a whole new world now. I was told by friends it would be life-changing. It was. It is. Instagram is amazing. I don’t have an interesting life or an amazing talent to share with the world, but I like sharing my small life with all those that want to follow. 

Meeting with Mia

Wow! That is quite unusual, what were you sporting before your iPhone? Why so late to the party? 

Right!? I’ve been walking around with my papa’s hand-me down Samsung flip phone. After many prayers, it finally died conveniently just before my birthday. No comment on how it died... *laughs* I was so surprised to get an iPhone. My mom thinks smartphones are killing our society. I sometimes see where she is coming from, but I've slowly been showing her how amazing it is! Mi Albuelita asks me daily to blast her some Luis Miguel. It’s a small price to pay for such an amazing phone. 

What’s a day in your life like? 

Well... with Covid... I wouldn’t call it “a life”. It’s been rough. I get out of bed, at least by the second alarm, and get ready for school. I then totally pay attention to all my classes, especially Math… 

Mia's grab-and-go

A few days a week, I rush to work for my part time at In-N-Out, where I work hard giving my community what they want: french fries, animal style. Seriously, though, it’s a tough job. Be sure to appreciate your local fast food workers! I have a good pal at In-n-Out who I laugh a ton with. Shout out to Carlos! (He goes to another school, so I only see him at work.)

At home, I school my bro Lucas at Mario Kart, how else will he know who’s boss? XD

Carlos sounds cool! I wonder, do you ever have trouble fitting in?

I’m not that worried about fitting in. Though, I’m much more comfortable around my friends because I know they love me no matter what. You know, my family can be a little crazy and I sometimes bring that with me to school, especially with keeping our hands to ourselves. I might have pinched a handful of troublemakers over the years, and… well, throwing sandals at people when you’re mad is not necessarily socially acceptable outside of family. 

Who’s your favorite role model in life? 

Tom Holland or Zendaya probably, I don’t know... it is so hard to choose >~< they both just feel so down to Earth and pretty funny. If dorky people like Tom can make it, then perhaps I have a chance, too. My mama is going to murder me if I say this... but she loves Chris Pratt! She thinks it’s so sweet that he shared his religious faith publicly. 

What do you think of influencer culture? 

It’s pretty awesome—all the different people showing me things I never even knew about. From makeup tutorials, to foreign fashion, to photography, and much more—it’s insane! It’s cool to see talented people gain a following even though they aren’t famous or something. 

Mia plays Nintendo Switch

So true! What do you think of virtual influencers? 

The fake ones? Same thing essentially, but the designs and animation can be sooo much cooler! Like a show come to life :D Most people on Instagram are at least a little fake... so it works well.

What’s your dream for the future? 

My answer to this question changes muy often. I hinted at it earlier, but it would be nice to be in a show. I really don’t know if I’d truly like it, though. My best friend is a photographer and she makes me model for her. I get impatient staring off into nothing while she tries to make me look all pretty. So.. if it’s like that… I pass. 

Mia takes a wall selfie

What’s something nobody knows about you? 

I really like makeup, like big flaring eyeshadow and colorful lipstick, but technically I'm not allowed to wear makeup. So, I just kind of hide it at home. Also, no one from my family is ever gonna see this *laughs*

What changes are you going through in your life? 

I am almost an adult :0 It feels scary that I will be 18 soon!!! During the Covid pandemic... any change is a good change, right? Seriously, though... not much going on right now… OH!... Carlos came up with a crazy new burger recipe yesterday and guess who was the Guinea pig… me -_- Although, I have to admit, most have been pretty tasty aside from the one soaked in hot sauce. Dios mio muy caliente! I think he wants to be a chef or something. 

Mia eats breakfast

What's the most creative thing you've ever done? 

Earlier this year, some of my friends and I painted a mural on one of the walls at our school for a community service project. It was a lot of fun, and I took over the project after most everyone else got bored. Lots of color. Lots of swirls. Every time I walk past it... I see somebody enjoying it, which feels kinda good. 

What key advice does the world need to hear? 

There's nothing you can do that can't be done. 

Nothing you can sing that can't be sung. 

Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game. 

It's easy. 

All you need is love. 

All you need is love

Carrying on that... what does it mean to be human? 

Well, um, I think that, to be human, it means that you will mess up a million times, but you will get back up a billion more. I think it means that you aren’t, um, you aren’t afraid to make mistakes and to try again and again and again until you finally make it, because it’s only once you give up and let the world win that you stop being human.

Okay, last question—and the same one I ask everyone—who are you, Mia? 

I’m me. And that’s enough.~ 

Thank you!


If you want to keep up with Mia’s life, follow her at @vida.de.mia on Instagram!

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