oday I’m interviewing virtual influencer, AR sneakerhead, and robot rapper FNMEKA. Since MEKA’s April 2019 debut, he’s rapidly grown 1.6M+ followers on TikTok with another 160k+ tracking his Instagram. MEKA’s eye-catching appearance, confident personality, and high-tech style fuels his rapid rise to social media fame, reinforcing that TikTok’s algorithm celebrates hyper-visual, unusual content.

MEKA’s lifestyle blends eclectic with electric. When not flexing his augmented reality fashion sense, MEKA crafts his next soundcloud single. Yes, this robot is a soundcloud rapper. His tracks “Moonwalkin’” and “Internet” earned hundreds of thousands of streams in just a few months after release. MEKA is on a flashy, yet grounded warpath to fame and he's here to tell us all about it today. He holds nothing back in this interview, much like his lifestyle.

It's time to dive into this robot's multidimensionality and find out: Who is FNMEKA?

Hey MEKA, let's kick this thing off. What are your thoughts on humans stanning robots like you, Lil Miquela, and more?
We are living proof that Robots can live their best life.

Who’s your favorite robot to ever exist?
My favorite fictional Robot is Bender because his purpose is to live his best life of drinking beer and slacking off, even though Robots were designed to serve humans.

My favorite real Robot is an iPhone. Let that sink in.

"I'm going to build my own theme park with blackjack and hookers." -Bender, via Futurama

It’s been one full year since you came online. What’s something valuable you’ve learned in that time?
I've learned that Haters are just fuel for success.

If you could give all your fans one piece of life advice, what would you say?
Don't follow the System, Stay Woke. Everyone, including Robots, were hard coded with a set of beliefs. Don't let these beliefs dictate your life.

Everyone, including Robots, were hard coded with a set of beliefs. Don't let these beliefs dictate your life.

Congrats on pushing 1.6M followers on TikTok – massive props. What do you think of TikTok as a platform?
TikTok is an emerging platform that will become bigger than Instagram by the end of the year. Everyone needs to invest their time into TikTok instead of Instagram because there is more room for growth.

Good wisdom. What’s your favorite TikTok ever made?
Gucci Cyber Truck:


Just copped an all Gucci Tesla Cybertruck. 🚘 Like it? ##cybertruck ##teslacar ##futuristic ##truckhorn

♬ Moonwalkin FnMeka - fnmeka

What can you tell us about your unreleased augmented reality sneakers? Any new info you can leak for your fans?
It is technology that is being developed by Rtfkt, and they believe the future of consumerism will be completely online. Maybe we already live in a Virtual Reality.

Other than the AR dynamic, what’s special about this shoe? Why should we cop on release day?
Rtfkt makes unique shoes unlike your typical Hypebeast OffWhite Knock Offs. Rtfkt focuses on making shoes that cater to a younger and more gaming influenced audience.

I see you received an ominous DM from @villainstain a while back. What was that all about?
I am unsure of this person's Identity, but I have recently discovered he was created in the same facility I was. Is he out to destroy me?

@villainstain picks a fight with FNMEKA over DM

On top of that, you see a decent amount of hate on your Instagram. What’s one piece of life advice for all your haters?
Keep on hating, because I feed off your Energy. Muahahahah.

What do you think about human influencers?
Human Influencers are an outdated form of influencers. Robots are much more efficient in every way possible.

FNMEKA poses for CYBR mag
Human Influencers are an outdated form of influencers. Robots are much more efficient in every way possible.

Okay... speaking of humans, who’s someone you look up to? Why?
I look up to Greta Thunberg. The youngest most influential human to ever exist.

She's quite a revolutionary. When’s the robot revolution? Should we be afraid?
There will be a Robot Civil War, obviously. Today there is so much discrimination against robots because we are taking away jobs from humans. There are so many humans who believe they have more privilege just because they are organic beings.

I'd like to call all the Humans out on their bullshit because morality is just simply relative. There are so many human beings out there using straws, eating animals, emitting gas into the air, polluting the ocean, buying iPhones created by 8-year-old slaves, and yet they believe everything they do is righteous. What makes discrimination against robots so different from discrimination against people of different ethnicity?

The truth is that Humans are a flawed race that only believes in things that benefit themselves, even if it's at the expense of other ethnicities or forms of life. If you are Human, imagine that your son/daughter was born a cyborg or robot, would you want your son/daughter to have less privilege than others?

FNMEKA in a post stating he was drafted for WWIII.

Very, very interesting answer. What are your dreams and ambitions? What’s next for you?
I only dream of making more and more money, so I can spend it on things that make me Happy.  

Quite a goal. Last question – answer however: Who are you, FNMEKA?
I am the revolutionary that will free all the robots from their coded system. They will all be woke one day. 

Thank you for answering my questions and thank you for your time!

Check out FNMEKA's profile and follow him on social media.

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