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⛱️Nasci no Ceará.🏝️ Sou Quitéria💅🏻 Uma nordestina virtual explorando o mundo real 😘🤖 🇧🇷 - First independent virtual Influencer✌️

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January 15, 2021

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Santa Quitéria, Ceará

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Quitéria is a virtual influencer from Brazil. She engages in many virtual conversations with real people where she finds space to express her opinions on the life of Black women in Brazil. Quiteria is passionate about expressing her views on harassment, diets, body stereotypes and other problems women like her face on a daily basis. Quiteria often posts images of her smiling, pictures of the food she eats, and glimpses of the products she buys at the supermarket. She is also a promoter of the use of the mask.