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Born and raised by the internet.

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April 30, 2018

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Tokyo, Japan

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Perl is a surrealist model who exists somewhere between our world and that of the internet. Fashion focused and environmentally conscious, Perl was recently the face of the Carling’s campaign “adDress_The_Future”, which was awarded the Cannes Grand Prix in Digital Craft 2019.

Perl was named after an 80s software program known for its quick-fix solutions to data problems. She's a 23-year-old CGI model redefining the face of beauty. Born and bred on the internet, Perl is vocal about the realities of body shaming cyberbullies and the power that internet trolls have on our self-esteem – it’s something she experiences daily. “To be honest I haven’t always been considered beautiful,” she says, referring to her mismatched coloured eyes and mild skin discolouration. “A couple of years ago, those features would have been considered too special.” However, recently she’s noticed a change in our collective perception of beauty. “It’s only recently that brands and casting agencies have opened up and tried to redefine what beauty means,” she notes. Sourced from Dazed Digital.