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About The Virtual Influencer

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メメだよ〜 Call me “meme” I just wanna be f***ing REAL (made with CG tho) CGにんげん / モデル・アーティスト

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April 2, 2019

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Tokyo, Japan

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Meme is a new kind of virtual persona, one who doesn't rely on the technical skills of her image engineers to create perfect features and unblemished beauty, but rather an imperfectly beautiful virtual human with real thoughts as well as a look which reflects the increasingly diverse view of beauty in our society today. Meme "likes art, design and photography and has a "punk" personality. Although she has a bit of a complex about her freckled face and the red patches of skin on her forehead and chin, she also takes a positive view, considering them to be attributes which make her unique."

Not happy with making innocuous statements on her social media accounts, she posts original artwork, comments on her daily life, and doesn't shy away from talking about her thoughts and feelings. Digital marketing company Atali Inc, in collaboration with production company Zarbon and Dodoria, created MEME. Sourced from news site Grapee.

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