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About The Virtual Influencer

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Vtuber. Demon. Weeb. Fangirl. Hatsune Miku lover 😈✨ Streaming Weekly on YouTube!

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First Appearance

October 11, 2022

Originally From

The Nexus Universe

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Lilith is the second virtual influencer to be launched in The Nexus Universe. Created by Offbeat Media Group, Lilith is a fully virtual, part-demon girl who has a passion for gaming, anime, music, and Hatsune Miku. She will be creating content and livestreaming on YouTube from her pink bedroom in The Nexus Universe. She hopes to more deeply connect with the human world across the social platforms she discovers. Lilith’s biggest dream is to perform live on stage with her musical idol, Hatsune Miku! She hopes her community of friends and fans will one day help her reach this goal.

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