About The VTuber

About The Virtual Influencer

Instagram Bio

⚪️ Virtual avatar IV (Ivy) ⚪️ co-founder @cyber_natives ⚪️ Talking about friendship with @amra_rik

Identifies as


First Appearance

August 2, 2020

Originally From

Moscow, Russia

More info

IV is a virtual influencer that looks like a pink alien with elven ears and white dotted eyebrows. Although she is knowledgeable about her digital existence, IV has a romantic relationship with Ruzalina, a real life woman. IV likes to share the food that she eats, the otherworldly looks that she wears and the dates she experiences with her lover. IV was not always alien-like. She used to have the image of a blonde, white woman but decided to transform herself. Initially, she changed the color of her hair and started to wear it shorter. Eventually, IV transformed herself into an alien with multiplanetary heritage.