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About The Virtual Influencer

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Kiere fight? CGI anti - influencer. LA/NYC/CDMX/BOG. Dm por t-shirt if u dare #siatodo #kierepelea #caballoperrro

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July 11, 2019

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Bogota, Colombia

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Caballo_perrro is the first CGI anti-influencer of social media: a cocky, stray Latin horse/dog immigrant in LA that trolls social media influencers to demystify the American Dream––all whilst looking for its horse father. Caballo_perrro does not rely on controversy, but rather embodies it. It will crash the most expected events of the year only to pass out on a stranger’s bed after rocking out hard at the after party. And forget about their carpet––it’s an animal, after all! Caballo_perrro has a fixation on street sofas, where it will rap about its epic sense of smell, its glamorous cooking abilities with leftovers, its glorious patada (kick) and its never-ending list of addictions.